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Sharon Cannon Yoga Nourish Mental Health Self Compassion Introvert Survivor
Personalise Your Yoga Practice and take better care of you


Do you struggle to find the right yoga class for you?

Are you looking for a more authentic, supportive, gentler way to move your body ?

Let me help you

Learn to listen to the signals your body gives you and personalise your yoga practice by using props to adapt asana to your body instead of pushing yourself through discomfort.

Sharon Cannon Yoga sitting in online studio teaching virtual yoga for mental health

Hi, I'm Sharon - thank you for being here!

Just like you I am on my own journey of caring for my mental health and finding a healthy work/life balance.  As well as teaching and working in the yoga industry for nearly 10 years, I also have an office job and spend many hours sitting at a desk. Being a wife and mother, a huge part of my life is dedicated to my family so I know the challenges and barriers there are when it comes to starting and maintaining a Yoga practice.

If like me you're aging, you're tired, you're body aches and you find very little free time for yourself, you are my people, and I want to help you get the most out of your yoga and develop a personal practice in a way that is unique to you.

Let me help you feel better in your body, find space for learning asana in an intuitive way, implement the power of props and integrate mindfulness and breathwork.

We will use yoga as a means to get to know and understand the body, to shift the focus from performing poses with strict right and wrong alignment, to using them as an opportunity to sense internally and to explore techniques curiously, to invite deep learning with plenty of room for exploration and discovery of strength, movement and stillness.

Yoga goes beyond the physical poses and accepts you as you are, exactly where you are.


Accessible Yoga with Sharon

My classes and workshops evolved from my own personal yoga journey, I myself also had to look for a way to integrate yoga into my life and to motivate myself time and time again to step on the mat, my classes are authentic and welcoming, and are created through a mental health informed lens, combining my knowledge of anatomy, physical movement, breathwork and mindfulness, as I hold space for you to create and sustain your own fulfilling self yoga practice, through a healing and nurturing practice of awareness, presence and self reflection.


I invite you to come as you are, do what your body allows and nourish your mental health. 


Life isn't Linear

Through your yoga practice you can learn to reconnect with your body, feeling better from the inside out

Get FREE access to my mini series!

Introvert Yogi Sharon Cannon Yoga Healing after emotional abuse  doing Yoga to nourish mental health

Rest, Reset, Restore, Recharge

All bodies are good bodies; all bodies are worthy bodies, YOU are worthy of rest.

This mini series is made up of practices for slowing down, listening, learning and exploring.

Start to discover the magic of 'your yoga' and reconnect with your body and feel better from the inside out with my FREE mini series.

It contains 5 recordings including embodied yoga, restorative yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation as well as journaling prompts, these grounding practices quiet and clear your mind, calm and balance your emotions and bring you into the present moment by drawing you into your body and your breath.

Reconnect with your authentic self and give yourself a chance to celebrate the gift of you. as you become more relaxed and calm.

FREE mini course

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