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Embodied Yoga Healing

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I invite you to add your details below to register your interest in the next 8 Week Online Embodied Yoga Healing Programme.


An 8 week workshop designed to empower you to release trapped psychological and physical energies and come back home to your body and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

These 8, 1 and a half hour mindful practices guide you through a variety of well sequenced gentle flow yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra all of which which guide you to explore your body on your own terms exactly as it is in an inclusive, accessible and integrative approach, to embody inner strength and body awareness, inviting you to get to know, understand and reconnect with your body.

We look at various chakras, breathwork and meditation and include nutritious healing recipes, guided activities such as journaling, art therapy & drum circles. This holistic approach helps you feel more grounded and balanced, finding safety and freedom within to provide a foundation for healing and mental health clarity.​

Each posture has been carefully selected with a healing focus; many common postures have been omitted from this practice to offer a safe space for you to express your bravery and courage. There are no hands on adjustments in these classes at all, by providing only verbal instruction to empower you to find comfort in your own shape. Knowing how to breathe and how to use your breath purposefully has been proven to reduce negative mental and physical issues and actually heal the body and mind, there are many therapeutic benefits to breathwork that we incorporate such as increased awareness of breathing patterns, decreased anxiety, energising or calming, grounding and present connection. Often breath can be linked to triggers associated with trauma and you are always reminded and encouraged to breath in a way that is accessible to you.

These workshops always begin with a very clear explanation of what to expect, working alongside an inclusive workbook offering you some guidance and grounding in an unpredictable world, helping find safety and freedom within to provide a foundation for healing and mental health clarity as we journey along a path to a more peaceful, less stressful, and overall improvement in our level of happiness and ease. 

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