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Change is inevitable, but transformation is a choice ~ Matt Giordano
Chromatic Yoga
The qualities that form a Chromatic Yoga teacher



Created by Matt Giordano, Chromatic Yoga is a methodical way of teaching that provides a highly intentional and well structured experience for students to cultivate awareness of their body and mind.

Chromatic yoga is not a style of yoga like Ashtanga or Rocket for example, it is an art! it's how you teach, not what you teach that defines Chromatic.

Chromatic teachers provide you with a step by step path toward a posture and/or philosophical theme.

I teach this through a Trauma Informed practice where you can experience learning more about your body, the way it moves, the sensations you feel and finding a better connection to ourselves and our body mind connection, integrating this into your practice and your life.
My classes guide you through a journey of connection to your body and senses, building flexibility through strength and body awareness, developing a better understanding of how your body works and feels, which can give you a whole new appreciation and respect for what your capable of  mentally and what your body can do for you.
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