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Practice with me anytime, anywhere

Weekly classes live online

An ever-growing library of movement yoga and inspiration

Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga they come together in the present. ~B.K.S.Iyengar
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Current Live Stream Class via zoom

Accessible Yoga with Sharon
Monday 8pm

Begin your week with Yoga and stretch away those Monday blues with this popular evening class.

Sometimes Gentle Vinyasa Yoga, sometimes Hatha Yoga, always with props!

We may use blocks, straps, cushions, blankets, bolsters a chair or a wall, sometimes all of them!

This mindful class will come with options to pace yourself and move in a way that works best for you, by changing the orientation of the pose and breaking shapes down into parts. 

Quite often designed around combating the health issues you can get from sitting all day leading to poor posture, back issues, and general lack of strength and tightness in those muscle. 

Offering exploration through a variety of options to discover strength, movement and stillness.

This class can include challenging postures but is adapted for bodies that need a gentler practice the goal is to find presence in our bodies with kindness and compassion. 

We may focus on a specific theme, body part or action where we hone in to awareness of a particular joint articulation or muscle engagement, brimming with mindful cues, choice, agency and well structured intentional sequencing to cultivate awareness and presence, ease away stress and anxiety and help you find a better connection to your body, leading you to understand, build and grow your yoga practice.

You can expect to start the class with centering, followed by a well structured intentional sequence and finished with a guided relaxation, this combination of postures and breath work will remove stagnant energy from the body and mind and leave you feeling good for the week ahead.

Watch live or on-demand. All classes are recorded (host only) and stored in our online library.

Practicing Online
How it works

Practicing online can be a surprisingly profound experience. Not only can you do it in the comfort of your own home – which can often be more comfortable than practicing within a group of strangers – you can also have a much more ‘internalised’ experience in the sense there is less distraction from people around you.

Practicing online still gives a sense of community as you know there are others online at the same time but alleviates the tendency to directly compare and contrast your practice with them as you can’t see them.

Our live online classes are held via Zoom. Bookings are made through the online booking system Momence and there are various ways to book on (see below). Before the class they will send out a link to access the class via Zoom if you would also like to join the whatsapp group I personally send out a brief description of what to expect and any props we may use. I will be teaching from my home and you can access the class from any location that has access to the internet. If you're unable to make the live stream all classes are recorded (host only) and stored on a private online library that can be accessed anytime with the membership or emailed via a link with 14 days access if purchasing a ticket.


There are no requirements to take these classes, however please ensure you have sufficient space so you don't injure yourself. A yoga mat isn’t essential but is recommended, we use props such as yoga blocks, straps and bolsters if you do not have these they can be substituted with items from around your home such as books, cushions, blankets, towels or chairs, you will be advised of what is needed and what can be used at the start of the class.

 If the amount is not affordable send me an email​, you don’t need to explain your financial position; we trust that you’ll only ask if you need to and that you will pay what/when you can.
20% discount

Buy a pack of class credits that can be used to book on to live classes with Sharon Cannon Yoga.

Buying a pack of classes may be cheaper than purchasing access to a single class.

These can only be used on livestream classes.

Please confirm you have selected the correct option before purchasing


If you prefer to book a single class you can pay as you go for access to on Monday live class only.

valid for one drop in live streamed yoga class only

Please confirm you have selected the correct option before purchasing

If the amount is not affordable send me an email​, you don’t need to explain your financial position; we trust that you’ll only ask if you need to and that you will pay what/when you can.

Below you can find other online courses with instant access to all the material


The chair can add a wide range of participation to students who may have been discouraged in the past.

I aim to provide an empowering and positive experience for people who think that yoga is not for them.

This online program can help you feel better in the body you have today.


Journey through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire & Air and experience the connection Yoga holds to the universe and everything around us. 

Fire, water, earth, and air are the four elements of the Universe.

They make up all that is, everything we see around us, and everything we are.

No one of them is better than the other, they each have their own unique qualities as do we. 

There are many different ways to connect with, and balance the four elements in your body and life, my favourites being spending time with the elements in their natural surroundings and yoga.


A complete guide to the 7 chakras and the effects on the physical and energetic body.

 Through our asana and pranayama practice, yoga seeks to stimulate and balance these chakras or energy centers in the body.  

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Colorful Crystal

"Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can" ~ Arthur Ashe

At this time, I have limited availability for private yoga sessions.

All sessions are held online
Contact me directly by email at to discuss booking a private session.
Everyone's experience with, and reasons for coming to yoga are unique, so should be the approach to treat your body.

One to one yoga classes are a great way to enrich a deeper understanding of yourself, your body, all aspects of yoga and philosophy and cultivating a self practice whilst supporting you with tools to cope with anxiety, stress, trauma, emotional healing and cultivate mental health wellbeing.

Private yoga classes offer a more personalised approach than group classes can offer and are tailored to your individual needs.  Each session is customised to meet you where you are, and what you want to achieve with your yoga.

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