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Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel ~ Kevin Trudeau

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness Yoga promotes self care and stress relieving techniques during the workday.
These classes are specially designed to cultivate awareness and presence, help ease away stress and anxiety and find embodiment.
Due to the recent wellbeing circumstances dictating a larger percentage of employees now working from home I am offering my regular workplace classes online - This is a great way to keep active and relaxed when your regular exercise regimes might be compromised.

How do you leave your work behind when you are working from home ?

These lunch time classes are a welcome break from your busy working day they are a great way to unwind and create separation from your work and preserve the sanctuary of your home 
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The basic principles of what I offer remain the same - the classes still address the broader wellness issues of a modern corporate lifestyle and the pressures involved but are now combined with the unique circumstances of working from home.
We spend most of our days sitting, either at a desk, in front of a computer, in a car or on a train, even at the end of a busy day the way we relax sitting, after sitting for long periods of time your body starts to shift out of alignment, shoulders hunch, lower back collapses, hips tense as the muscles in the legs shorten and contract, the spine compresses, circulation deteriorates, our muscles and tendons generally shorten, we loose mobility, become tight, sore and tense.  Yoga will help to lengthen and increase a healthy flow of energy which results in the re-invigoration of the entire nervous system.
During these transitional times we need practices which bring us back to our centre, back to a sense of inner peace, community and security that can trans end the circumstances around you.  For me this is, and has always been, the deeper essence of yoga and all the practices I offer.
If you're looking to get out of your slump and you're ready to feel less stressed, drained and overwhelmed and instead feel more grounded and recharged speak to your wellness co-ordinator and discover the gift of workplace wellness yoga to live a more balanced ,calm, peaceful life.

A harmonious work environment is essential for a functional work place.

Regular practice can relieve symptoms of stress and

negativity and promote mental health wellbeing. It can help to restore a positive balance with a sense of calm and focus, increasing chances for effective concentration and productivity levels at work, as well as appreciation for the company itself.

Some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice include:

  • Reduced feelings of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

  • An increased sense of connection to your body, more strength, flexibility and stronger intuition.

  • A freeing more peaceful, energised feeling in your body and mind

  • Increased energy levels and performance

  • Ability to manage thoughts and emotions without getting “sucked in” and drowned by them

  • Increased concentration focus and performance

  • Cultivate self compassion, increased self-acceptance and reduced negative inner chatter and self-talk.

  • Enhanced communication skills and team building

  • Improved sleep quality, better focus and increased productivity.

  • How to relax and get centered

  • Reduced sick days by improving general health

  • How to be present and tune into your surroundings and enjoy the moment

  • How to tap into your intuition

  • Improved employee morale and work satisfaction

  • Cultivate self-compassion & self care to hugely benefit mental health and well being

  • Increased physical and meantl well being.

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Our Classes

All classes are designed for the specific needs of a desk worker and benefit the aches, pains and mental health discomfort from a stressful seated job.

I create a practice that suits you in the reality of your busy life and in your own wonderfully unique body.

Holding space for learning asana in an intuitive way, focusing on you finding what feels good in your body, implementing the power of props to help you feel more confident in your yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness, breathwork,


We may focus on a specific theme, body part or action where we hone in to awareness of a particular joint articulation or muscle engagement, brimming with mindful cues, choice, agency and well structured intentional sequencing to increase your body awareness and acceptance, leading you to understand, advance and build your yoga practice.

You can expect to start the class with centering, followed by a well structured intentional sequence and finished with a guided relaxation, this combination of postures and breath work will remove stagnant energy from the body and mind and leave you feeling good for the week ahead.

Offering exploration through a variety of options to discover strength, movement and stillness.


This class is adapted for bodies that need a gentler practice the goal is to find presence in our bodies with kindness and compassion.


My aim is to guide you through a journey of connection to your body and senses, shifting you out of thinking and into feeling, to enable you to tune out of our overstimulated world and tune into you to release stress, tension and anxiety, cope with big emotions, honour your mental health and develop a better understanding of how the body works and feels, helping you regain strength, flexibility and self worth.


Our classes are ideal as regular weekly classes for groups of colleagues and friends.

This is an excellent practice for employees to anchor into their schedule, starting the ball rolling with these sessions it soon becomes a lifestyle and a regular wellness break soon becomes part of your self-care routine.

Practicing Online

Practicing online can be a surprisingly profound experience. Not only can you do it in the comfort of your own home – which can often be more comfortable than practicing within the ‘work atmosphere’ at your company – you can also have a much more ‘internalised’ experience in the sense there is less distraction from people around you.

Practicing online still gives a sense of community as you know your colleagues are online at the same time but alleviates the tendency to directly compare and contrast your practice with them as you can’t see them.

How it works

Our online classes are held via Zoom and I keep the classes business specific in the same way as when I attended your location, so I tailor them to the needs of desk workers. Before the class I send out a link to access the class via Zoom along with a brief description of what to expect and any props we may use to a coordinator within your business who will then distribute it to those who might be interested in attending. I will be teaching from home and you can access the class from any location that has access to the internet. If you're unable to make the live stream all classes are recorded (host only) and stored on a private online library that can be accessed anytime via my website.


There are no requirements to take these classes, however please ensure you have sufficient space so you don't injure yourself. A yoga mat isn’t essential but is recommended, we use props such as yoga blocks, straps and bolsters if you do not have these they can be substituted with items from around your home such as books, cushions, blankets, towels or chairs, you will be advised of what is needed and what can be used prior to class. If you have any physical ailments, please make sure you let me know before the lesson so I can offer advice or alternative postures.

Classes are open to everyone, you don't need any kind of previous yoga experience.  

It is adaptable to suit all ages, body types, physical challenges and fitness levels. 

Classes maybe subsidised by the company, partially subsidised or paid for by staff in which case an individual price per attendee will be arranged.

If you have never done Yoga before, I can offer you a few pointers to help get you started if you would like.

What people are saying

Back in 2017 as part of wellbeing initiatives it was decided to start a lunchtime yoga class. 

That is when Sharon came into our lives and transformed them. 

Everyone who has taken part in one of her yoga classes agrees that they feel calmer, more flexible and generally more balanced than when they went into the class. 

Karen Earls

Sharon's knowledge of the body and what yoga asanas work best is outstanding, but more importantly you know that she cares about you. 

Our classes are streamed online and it doesn't diminish the quality of our yoga class, the class has grown and grown in numbers. 

The value of yoga with the right teacher cannot be under estimated, and I can honestly say it has enriched my life.

Nicola Jevons

I can also offer a bespoke planning service for classes for team building events, conferences, product launches and private events.

As an extra treat for your employees or wellness event you can also book


workshops such as joint related workshops for shoulders or hips, posture alignment, desk yoga & mindfulness.

  • Chair Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Breath work

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Specialised workshops, such as back care, shoulders, hips, posture alignment, joint care, desk yoga & mindfulness

  • Desk Yoga workshop - shows you Yoga exercises that you can incorporate into your day and do anytime at your desk.

Sessions will open and release tightness in the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, wrists, neck, and back, allowing your entire body to relax and feel great after a long day.

This therapeutic workshop has a focus on the areas that are affected by sitting for long periods and work on increasing the mobility and flexibility so that we can live a life filled with movement - includes a free handout. ​

I can also theme sessions for example:

  • Rise and Shine (Energising gentle yoga & stretching in the morning)

  • Lunchbox Yoga (Smaller bitesize sessions)
  • Afternoon Rest & Reset (Restorative Yoga)
  • And Relax….. (Yoga Nidra deep relaxation)

Recording Sessions

We can also record sessions for an additional fee and send the link to enable your colleagues to watch at a convenient time to  later in the day.

About me

As well as teaching and working in the yoga industry for nearly 10 years, I also have an office job, and spend many hours sitting at a desk.

I don't share too much about my work life but I do like to share how yoga can serve to manage physical and mental health conditions related to office work, regular yoga helps reduces stress, improves focus and improves energy. Being a wife and a mother a huge part of my life is dedicated to my family so I know the challenges and barriers there are when it comes to starting and maintaining a home practice like everything in life it's a journey.

As a busy working mum I myself also had to look for a way to integrate yoga into my life and to motivate myself time and time again to step on the mat, my classes are authentic and welcoming, combining my knowledge of anatomy, physical movement, breathwork, mindfulness, mudras, chakras, ayurveda, journaling and philosophy as I hold space for you to create and sustain your own fulfilling yoga practice.


I have vast experience in teaching group classes and private one to one sessions both online and in person, I have created bespoke yoga practices for many corporate companies such as Amazon, Siemens and Heathrow Airport as well as smaller companies, at special needs day centres and schools, and taught chair based yoga for desk workers, the elderly and disabled, trauma sensitive practices for those in eating disorder recovery as well as teaching in various gyms, companies and community centres throughout Surrey, Heathrow and London and have always received positive feedback as to the benefits of these Workplace Wellness classes.


I am also a certified Chromatic Mentor as part of Matt Giordano's mentoring team, providing mentorship to yoga teachers in training and recently qualified teachers to help support their individual growth and our collective growth as a community.

I received my 500-hour yoga teacher training through Chromatic Yoga with Matt Giordano, I am also a trained Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, attending training on trauma-sensitive yoga instruction from Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga with Zabie Yamasaki, TCYM-T Trauma Conscious Yoga Method Teacher with Nityda Gessel, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven, Trauma Sensitive Yoga in Eating Disorder Recovery with Jennifer Kreatsoulas & Gina Hartman from Yoga for Eating Disorders, Yoga for Eating disorders through eat breath thrive's Chelsea Roff as well as Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman & Amber Karnes, Yin Yoga for Mental Health with Self Agency Academy, Mental Health Aware Yoga with Dr Lauren Tober and is currently training in Advanced Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness.

Whatever space you can carve out of your day it all counts, really taking the time to get to know your body can help you develop your own unique practice, you begin to know what you need in the present moment, but sometimes we need help to learn how to do that and how to step away from the idea that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be symmetrical, it doesn’t have to be balanced our sides do not have to match, there’s no right or wrong only what’s right for you.

My community is more than members and students, it’s a friendship.

I am truly honoured to be on your journey with you.

Sharon x

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If you'd like any further information, references or to book a session please contact me.
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