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Equine Yoga


Combining the transformative powers of yoga and the healing potential of horses


This is about practising trauma focused yoga and meditating in a spacious field with the horses, connecting  on an emotional and energetic level with equine energy and a gentle herd of therapy horses, and horses being horses engaging or not engaging by their choice.


The herd consists of a combination of balanced, well adjusted horses and those who arrived with their own traumas and in need of healing, through the love, kindness and freedom they have received they have overcome the damage caused by human ignorance and cruelty and have come to find emotional peace and a herd of harmony, this has a powerful healing effect on the humans who have the privilege and honour of knowing them and working with them.


Gemma set up Puddles Not Muddles Counselling and she knows each of her horses inside out and her story and theirs are inspirational, you can explore Gemma’s facebook page Puddles Not Muddles Counselling for further information.


I love practicing yoga in the presence of animals, the gentle healing energy of yoga and mediation and gentle people seem to be drawn to the healing energy of animals


I believe animals can help us evolve emotionally, energetically and spiritually with much to give us and teach us on their terms, and we are there to love and support them.


Please note all activities are weather dependent. If the day is rainy you will need to bring warm and waterproof clothing. 

These classes take place during the warmer months when the field is not so muddy, website will be updated with dates/times but if you'd like to be added to the waiting list so I can save you a space please make  Contact.

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