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Healing Restorative Reset Yoga

Next Workshop to be arranged.

Heal, Breathe, Release, Bloom with this Healing Restorative Trauma Focused Yoga workshop.

You can expect to start with a short meditation, followed by restorative poses with props, light movement, breathwork and closed with yoga nidra.

When the body is relaxed the mind is more likely to follow.

Slowing down with restorative yoga will balance the nervous system, reduce stress, calm and quiet the mind and improve sleep quality, and we can target fascia and joint health and improve flexibility.

This 2 hour workshop is extremely relaxing and meditative which will help us slow down !It's great for the mind and the body.


Please make contact before booking onto this class

Please arrive 5 minutes early.

Entering classes late is disturbing to others, if you do arrive a few minutes late please make sure that you enter as slowly and quietly as you can.

No admission after 10 minutes late.

Mobile phones - please help preserve the peace and be sure to turn off your mobile phone before the class begins (please do not have your phone on vibrate as when this rattles on a wooden floor it's far from silent and can still cause a disturbance).

Once booked in any cancellations must be given 7 days prior to the class time, if not you will incur a fee as refunds cannot be made after this time.

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