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Private 1:1 or small group classes

Everyone's experience with, and reasons for coming to yoga are unique, so should be the approach to treat your body.

One to one yoga classes are a great way to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your body, all aspects of yoga and philosophy, whilst supporting you with tools to cope with anxiety, stress, trauma, emotional healing and cultivate mental health wellbeing.

Private yoga classes offer a more personalised approach than group classes can offer and are tailored to your individual needs.  Each session is customised to meet you where you are, through your practice you will be guided to explore your body on your own terms, exactly as it is in an inclusive, accessible and integrative approach that can include centering exercises, discussion, mindful movement slow flows that are simple yet strong, strong yet soothing, breathing practices, meditation, mudras, chakra work and yoga philosophies, the choice is yours, you will learn from well structured intentional sequencing to increase your body awareness and acceptance, leading you to understand, advance and build your yoga self practice.. 

During my own healing and recovery I became fascinated with Anatomy, how the body works and the biomechanics of movement this helped me to see my body in a whole new light, how strong I am  and gave me less desire to be angry at my body which inspires my style of teaching. Your Yoga Class would work on Finding balance on the inside amongst the chaos of the outside world, offering mindful cues and choice with well structured intentional hatha sequences with an element of flow, I like to teach flexibility through strength paying particular attention to anatomy, how a muscle engages or the rotation of a bone giving you a strong connection to your body, how it works and what it is capable of, moving with intention from stillness to flow back to stillness to cultivate harmony.

In a typical first session, medical history will be taken, the body, posture, simple movements and the breath will be observed to specifically identify which areas of your body are limiting your movements and we can discuss any issues and concerns you may have in total confidentiality.  

Being an enhanced personal experience classes can be catered to your individual needs, but generally include: A discussion to meet you where you are and decide what you would like to practice in the present moment, breath work to help calm your mind, slow flow of simple yet strong, strong yet soothing asana, grounding techniques, guided meditation/relaxation and the power of mantra and positive affirmations.

The combination of postures and breath work will help you reconnect with your body, remove stagnant energy from the body and mind, learn how to be present, observe yourself and discover yoga concepts that empower and offer new ways to think about your thoughts, actions and body.

Your Yoga isn't anything about how flexible you are and which poses you can or can't do, it's about finding something that benefits your body and your recovery and to give your self permission to be exactly where you are and that you enjoy coming back to again and again.

We will always work with a practice tailored to your needs whether you are dealing with trauma, eating disorders, anxiety and/or depression, grief & loss, asthma, diabetes, recovering from illness, have disabilities, special needs, or simply trying to improve mobility, learn more about your body, anatomy or philosophy, no matter what you are working with, I'm here to help you with your yoga practice.

Together we can bloom & thrive I invite you to begin your journey today.

60 Minutes

Book a bespoke private or small group (up to 3 people) yoga class to meet your exactly where you are.


75 minutes

Class is extended with a longer opening meditation, breathing exercises and savasana


90 minutes

Class is extended with a longer opening meditation, breathing exercises, savasana.


10% discount for block bookings x 5 classes

Sliding Scale Pricing available If the price is more than you can afford without undue burden, please contact me so we can work it out together.

By Appointment Only

Free Discovery Call

If you're curious about how yoga can be helpful in your healing, recovery and wellbeing, let's connect on a free 30 minute call. whether you are new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner, there's so much to discover about how the practice can heal, empower and offer new tools to support your ongoing healing and wellness. I will gladly answer all your questions during our call and we will discover the best way I can support you going forward.

Your private yoga session should be paid for when booking, in advance. 

This payment will reserve and secure your booked session.

If you need to cancel or change your booking, you can do so,

provided that 24 hours notice is given.  

If you are late for the private session, the class may still go ahead but

will end at the agreed booking end time; as other classes and sessions

will follow.

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