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Bloom &  Thrive Online Studio ~ Live Classes & more

If you like to access my classes online I teach a live stream class via zoom on a Thursday and via Facebook Live in an exclusive group. 

With my monthly membership 'Full BLOOM' you receive access to all my live streamed classes as well as full access to the on demand platform and more. 

For details of what to expect during my classes I invite you to click here 

Please feel free to browse my other on demand trauma informed yoga membership packages starting at £7.99 a month you can access a variety of pre recorded classes.

Live Timetable


Mindful Monday Short Break 2-2.30pm 

(live streamed on the exclusive Bloom Facebook Community Group page)


Siemens Workplace Wellness 12pm 

Employees only


Wellness Wednesday 12-12.30pm 

(live streamed on the community Yoga for Healing, Self Care and Mental Health Wellbeing Facebook Group page)


Gentle Flow for healing and mental health wellbeing - yoga for all bodies 6pm


Soothing Saturday Healing Restorative Reset 10am

(once a month)

Can't join me live ? Get unlimited access to all the recordings of my weekly classes when you're a member of my Full Bloom Membership

If you purchase a single class the recording will be emailed to you to access within 14 days.

Online Private Tuition is available via separate bookings not a part of the membership

How it works

Download Zoom here

Book your class with one of the options below


The zoom link and password is emailed to you 1 hour before the start of the class.

The recording of the class will be available on the on demand platform to access at anytime, so even if you are unable to attend the live stream itself you get to keep the class for as long as you have your membership for use at a later date or repeat it whenever you like.

Please note only the host is recorded (that's me) none of the participants are recorded.

You have the option to turn your camera off during the session, having it on allows me to make any alignment and postural suggestions that may benefit you, but this is not necessary. Your microphone will need to stay muted during the class. You can ask me any questions via the chat or after the class as when my microphone is plugged in I cannot hear you speaking.

Online Studio Membership ~ Inc. Live Classes & On Demand Platform

Holly Blackwell

After many failed attempts at trying to get into yoga Sharon came highly recommended to me by a work colleague. After just one class I knew Sharon was the yoga teacher for me. I instantly felt a connection to her due to her calm, kind patient manner. 

Sharon has a vast knowledge and years of experience in her field and always keeps the classes interesting and varied, tailoring the classes to all levels and abilities no matter whether you are a novice or an experienced student her patience, professionalism and encourangement make you feel at ease. 

Even during the challenging months of Covid 19 Sharon was loyal to all of her students offering live zoom classes and access to an online yoga platform.

The mental, physical and health aspects of yoga have been so beneficial to me and I owe this entirely to Sharons fantastic teachings. 

If you are looking to begin or continue your practice look no further than Sharon Cannon Yoga.

Anita Staples

Sharon is one of the best yoga 🧘‍♀️ teachers I have had the pleasure of encountering.  She is very engaging and knows her stuff.  Sharon tailors each practice for both novices and experts,  by illustrating modifications to the most challenging poses. After each practice I feel I have pushed  myself to my best ability with Sharon’s guidance, whilst being mindful of my own body’s limitations. 

All Access Pass

Monthly BLOOM Membership


Charged monthly after trial

Become a Bloom member to get unlimited access to all of my live weekly classes, vast growing on demand library, community & group discussion & much more.This platform is a complete offering of Trauma Informed Yoga & Mindfulness Practices for you to bloom, thrive and radiate into the world.

includes every Thursday Livestream
+ 7-Days *FREE* Access
+ Access to Nourish & Bloom On-Demand Membership
+ The Livestream Archive
+ Workshops
+ Special healing restorative classes

+ Exclusive Facebook community with additional live stream classes
+ Informative discussion relating to trauma, mental health, yoga  and healing
+ Live Discussion Group
+ Exclusive offers

Single Live Stream Class


If you prefer to book a single class you can pay as you go for access to one Thursday live class only

My classes strive to be a place where people of all experience levels, ages, races, cultures, sizes, genders, sexual orientations, and gender expression feel included. Holding space for a supportive healing journey for our mental health including pranayama techniques, healing mudras, accessible movement and stretches, restorative poses and meditation. Designed to cultivate awareness and presence, help ease away stress & anxiety, and find embodiment. Each class gives a delicate balance of yoga from the past and present.

includes Livestream Access to a single Gentle Flow class
+ Access to the recording for 14 days
+ Facebook community
+ Newsletter & offers

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