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"May we invite peace into our bodies, may we speak words that heal and create peace, may we bring peace to our minds - Om Shanti Shanti Shanti"
Online Studio
Monthly Membership

Everything you need for an inclusive embodied practice to reconnect with your body, establish a self practice and nourish your mental health all in one place

Weekly classes live online, a library of 100s of on-demand replays and pre-recorded classes

An ever-growing library of embodied movement, yoga and mindfulness helping you to understand, advance and build your yoga self-practice:.

Welcome to my online space

What if you could:
  • Practice yoga at your own pace from the comfort of your home, in your own space.

  • Make yoga a routine that supports your mental health well-being and self-care.

  • Feel more grounded, calm and relaxed in a yoga space free from judgment.

  • Learn more about yoga and your body, make your own informed choices, practise on your own terms, surrounded by silence and no pressure.

  • Feel that you are enough and can benefit from yoga no matter where you are on your journey.

  • Learn tools and exercises to calm your busy mind, ease your anxiety, and be more present and self-aware?

  • Overall feel less stressed, overwhelmed and more balanced.

This Online Studio is a space for you to come as you are, do what you can, start to reconnect with your body and find inner peace.

Join me and practice yoga with me as often as you like and have total "me" time in the privacy of your own home.

Even if you regularly practice yoga and have a knowledge of postures, the best part of practising with a teacher is that you can turn off your mind and that can be hard to do if you're constantly mentally sequencing your own flows.

I still regularly practice with my teacher online, even though I have the knowledge to organically sequence postures it's helpful to sometimes leave the sequencing to online teachers and allow their words to guide you from within.

These practices evolved from my own personal yoga journey, they are authentic and welcoming, and are created through a mental health informed lens, combining my knowledge of anatomy, physical movement, breathwork, mindfulness, mudras, chakras, ayurveda, journaling and philosophy.

My authentic unique style is slow and simple, yet strong & soothing to create a stronger, more resolute and accepting version of yourself as you become more peaceful and balanced in your daily life.

The experiences of learning from a teacher in a studio and learning from a teacher at home are not all that different. It's true that there's no one there to tell you if you're practicing the postures incorrectly but is there really a right or wrong when it comes to yoga ! it's much more important to find a deeper connection to your body and your inner awareness than going deeper into poses and shapes, for me this is, and has always been, the deeper essence of yoga and all the practices I offer. 


In my opinion, online classes are much more low pressure than in person classes, in online classes you're not distracted by the other practitioners in the room. You're not concerned with what anyone else thinks. You don't have to strain to hear the teacher and you don't have your view obstructed.  You don't need to find childcare, because your kids can join you on the mat or you can do it when they're in bed. If you start a class and change your mind half way through you're free to ignore the teacher and move intuitively instead or you can just turn the class off and try again another day.

Signing up to the online studio offers you affordable, unlimited access to yoga, meditation, pranayama, mindfulness practices, tutorials, informative discussion and yogic philosophy learn how to take yoga off the mat embody the foundations of yoga to ultimately start living a yoga inspired life.

Some of the benefits of a regular yoga practice include:

  • Reduced feelings of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

  • An increased sense of connection to your body, more strength, flexibility and stronger intuition.

  • A freeing more peaceful, energised feeling in your body and mind

  • Ability to manage thoughts and emotions without getting “sucked in” and drowned by them

  • Cultivate self compassion, increased self-acceptance and reduced negative inner chatter and self-talk.

  • Improved sleep quality, better focus and increased productivity.

  • How to relax and get centered

  • How to be present and tune into your surroundings and enjoy the moment

  • How to tap into your intuition

  • Cultivate self-compassion & self care to hugely benefit mental health and well being.

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Are you interested in yoga ?  you've heard about all the amazing benefits, but struggle to get started or stay consistent?

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • Starting something new can feel really overwhelming, scary and a bit intimidating.

  • It can be hard to find solitude in the hustle and bustle of daily life you find yourself feeling lost, disconnected.

  • After a stressful day when you're all peopled out, having to go to a gym or studio and take a class with strangers can be a reason not to practice yoga.

  • You feel uncomfortable going to yoga studios where you compare yourself to others, worry others might be silently judging you and of course you're judging yourself.

  • Not knowing where to begin and worries that you’re not doing it right.

  • The noises and smells of the studio cause you anxiety

  • You feel confused when the yoga teacher moves in a super fast pace and you can’t keep up.

  • You would like to know why you're doing a pose and how it benefits you rather than just being told what to do

  • You would like to learn what yoga is beyond the physical exercises, and expand your knowledge about its roots.

  • You would overall like to feel more confident in your yoga practice and expand your knowledge and skills


For those of us who don’t feel comfortable in conventional judgmental yoga communities online yoga can help to remove the snobbery, pretense and endless prerequisites and allow us to practice without the pressure of trying to fit into some preconceived box of what we "should" look or act like as a yogi

I strive to make starting a regular online self yoga practice feel easy and accessible but most importantly calm and peaceful for you.

I invite you to come on this journey with me to feel more grounded and find self awareness, heal emotional and mental stress and find serenity.


This online studio is your online safe haven, to help your self practice and personal growth. ​

No one belongs here more than you ~ Brene Brown
  • Weekly LIVE 60 minute Embodied Yoga Flow + the recording

  • Full access to vast growing on demand library with over 100 classes

  • Practices range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes so you can create your own tailor made weekly routine. 

  • The video collections are Restorative Yoga, Mindful Vinyasa, Gentle Flow, Healing & Chair Yoga, Meditations, Yoga Nidra Tutorials, Mindfulness & Journaling

  • The livestream archive

  • Educational workshops & mini lectures

  • Exclusive Facebook Group to connect with a supportive community around the world

  • Informative discussion relating to mental health, yoga and self practice

  • Exclusive offers

  • This variety enables you to nourish yourself daily and help you to show up for yourself and fit your yoga into your lifestyle.

Finding balance on the inside amongst the chaos of the outside world is one of the core principal of this platform.

Video's range in length from 10-60 minutes, as finding the time to practice is often what holds us back from establishing a yoga habit


I have organised the classes into length, so whatever time you have in your day hopefully you'll find a practice to suit.

You can also search for specific styles of class by selecting the drop down menu.

All content will remain on the platform so you can repeat your favourite classes as many times as you like and you are free to cancel at anytime and your access will cease.

I invite you to join me on the mat today and enjoy 7 days free of charge.

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Are you ready to begin your yoga journey ?

Starting from £15 a month, you can practice with me anytime, anywhere !

This is for you if:

  • You would like to learn the "how" and "why" of asana, how it benefits the mind and body.

  • You want to find a better connection to your body and senses, and learn tools to calm your mind, release stress, tension and anxiety, be more present, aware and cope with big emotions.

  • You would like to regain strength, flexibility and self worth, 

  • You would like to learn how to live yoga off the mat and implement more self care and mindfulness.

This is not for you if:

  • You are only interested in yoga as physical exercise or a workout

  • You want a fast paced yoga flow.

  • You are looking to make fancy shapes with your body and aren't really concerned with making a mindful connection to your body.

We ground into sensations of the body, learn anatomy, release aches and pains, relieve stress, gain more body awareness, and create more space in the body that wasn't there before.

Community tiered pricing helps make the practice more accessible to all.

Through this membership I hope to inspire you to make yoga a part of your daily life and bring about a little bit of peace and calm as you reconnect with yourself.

I'm so happy to share my passion of yoga for healing and mental health wellbeing with you all, grow our yoga community and inspire you to make yoga part of your daily life.


pay what you can

To adjust for various peoples challenges as well as others abundance I have chosen to offer 3 payment options for the monthly membership which you can move between.
It’s the same membership YOU choose how much is right for you to invest



per month


Subscribe now to get full access

Affordable option



per month


Standard subscription membership

Invest now to get full access



per month


Supporting subscriber membership

Invest now to get full access

Monthly payments will automatically occur. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your monthly subscription via My Account at any time. No questions asked. To allow for changing circumstances I am offering 3 investment options. Please choose whichever resonates with you.
Please take a moment to consider the intention of this sliding scale pricing structure, which was created in order to amplify access for those experiencing financial hardship. If the discounted amount is not affordable send me an email, you don’t need to explain your financial position; we trust that you’ll only ask if you need to and that you will pay what/when you can.

Buy live class packs ONLY
Join the pre recorded library content only
£15 per month
Repeats every month, cancel anytime
  • Access over 100 classes from 10 - 60 minutes
  • New content added regularly
  • Private Facebook Group for Mindfulness & Self Care tips & challenges 

This DOES NOT include livestream classes, livestream recording, workshops & discussions.

Please confirm you have selected the correct option before purchasing


This page is a helpful guide for all potential Online Studio members.

I hope that each question or concern you may have is answered here in detail, and if we missed anything then please check out the frequently asked questions and feel free to reach out anytime

How it works :-

Click to sign up and you receive full access to my on demand library where new content is added regularly, much more than just asana these could be meditations, restorative classes, chair yoga, tutorials, pranayama practice, yoga nidra and lots more.


This also includes access to Monday's live streamed class, click on each class you wish to attend via the booking system and select your membership to gain free access, you'll receive the zoom link in your inbox on the Monday, you'll receive a link to sign up to an exclusive Facebook group where you can access self care and mindfulness challenges.

The recording of the live class will be uploaded on to the on demand platform for you to access at anytime, so even if you are unable to attend the live stream itself you get to keep the class for as long as you have your membership, for use at a later date or repeat it whenever you like.

Please note only the host is recorded (that's me) none of the participants are recorded.

You have the option to turn your camera off during the session. Your microphone will need to stay muted during the class. You can ask me any questions via the chat or after the class as when my microphone is plugged in I cannot hear you speaking.


What people are saying

Sharon Cannon Yoga Online is accessible and very friendly in approach whilst being the best structured classes I have ever enjoyed.  Sharon’s tuition is clear and well thought through.  I am achieving postures I never thought possible! The focus, pace and flow of each class is outstanding.  I can’t reiterate enough how much I have benefitted spiritually, emotionally and physically from finding Sharon Cannon and her Yoga!

Helen Adamo

I attended Sharon's yoga classes for a couple of years while living in the UK. Sharon has extensive knowledge surrounding the anatomy giving her an adept understanding of yoga.


Now, although I'm on the other side of the world, I'm so glad to have her online classes to guide my practice. She ensures I can push myself while also using the best pose for my body and what I want to work on.

Ruby Nicolson


Practising yoga everyday helps me on my own journey inwards to nourish my mental health and each day I feel stronger, calmer and more connected to myself.

Day to day I feel stress, overwhelm, anxiety which if I’m not careful it will pull me into depression and I knew I wanted to create a safe place for like minded souls to seek comfort, support and belonging.

When I was planning this space I knew that what had really helped my self practice grow was when I realised I didn’t have to set aside a full 60 minutes to practice asana, and I didn’t need to make fancy shapes with my body to feel good. 

5 minutes 20 minutes 90 minutes and everything in between whatever space you can carve out all counts, really taking the time to get to know your body can help you develop your own unique practice, you begin to know what you need in the present moment, but sometimes we need help to learn how to do that and how to step away from the idea that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be symmetrical, it doesn’t have to be balanced our sides do not have to match, there’s no right or wrong only what’s right for you.


Creating a regular practice can help regulate your nervous system, cultivate inner awareness sense what's happening inside your body and sense where your body is in space, allowing you to begin to inhabit your body again and increase body awareness as well as discover a sense of curiosity towards your internal and external experiences, develop breath awareness and meditation skills to regulate your breath and emotions, calm your mind decrease anxiety, energise or calm, ground and be present, helping things inside our mind and body generate a better way of wellbeing.


This community is more than members, it’s a friendship.

I am truly honoured to be on your journey with you.

Sharon x

Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world. 

Sharon Cannon Yoga’s online platform is hosted by Momence and their software. Sharon Cannon Yoga handles all account questions and billing.

Momence is a streaming service comparable to Netflix – you pay a subscription fee for access to videos. This makes it super easy and convenient to use from any device!

It is not an app that you download to your phone and videos are not downloadable either. The site is located at its own web address and is accessible through Sharon Cannon Yoga's Online Yoga Studio tab. I recommend you bookmark or save Momence's address to your desktop or home screen for easy accessibility. Clients can manage their own accounts on Momence. Once logged in, under your name in the right hand corner is the ‘My Account’ page this will store all payment info and password reset links, in the column on the left hand side you can view 'your memberships'  where you can view your subscription billing info and have the ability to cancel your account at any time. It is also from here that you can click on   ‘Active Subscriptions’ to access the content you have subscribed to.

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