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Online Yoga Offerings

Supporting you on your healing, recovery and mental health wellbeing journey

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Yellow light lotus Blue background..jpg

I am in the midst of creating an 8 week yoga as healing programme for trauma survivors called Heal ~ Breathe ~ Release ~ Bloom; This Course will include: Meditation, Mudras, Affirmation, Breath work, and Gentle Flow for Healing Trauma;​ designed to empower students to release trapped psychological and physical energies and come back home to their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin. These gentle, 1 and a half hour trauma-focused practices guide you through meditative light movement which guides you to explore your body on your own terms, exactly as it is and helps you to feel more grounded and balanced, finding safety and freedom within to provide a foundation for trauma healing and mental health clarity.  

If you'd like to be notified when this becomes available please register your interest here.

I invite you to discover more about Trauma focused yoga here

Everything you need for an inclusive Trauma Informed healing & wellness practice all in one place for all abilities. Supporting your mental health wellbeing, encouraging a self care routine and offering healing trauma informed mindful embodied practices to meet you exactly where you are including Yoga, Breathwork, Healing Mudras, Meditation & more.

If you have experienced trauma and/or mental illness, are supporting others struggling with the impact of trauma and/or mental health wellbeing, or are dealing with the stress of everyday life yoga can help you.

If you're feeling stressed, anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed I invite you to come as you are, do what your body allows and nourish your mental health.

Various memberships available.  

A vast growing library of live & pre-recorded classes asana, meditation, restorative classes, chair yoga, tutorials, pranayama practice, yoga nidra and more to help to reconnect with your body, heal, calm, find embodiment, self care, inner & outer strength, flexibility, inner peace and healing for your soul.

Online home training sports or yoga clas

My classes strive to be a place where people of all experience levels, ages, races, cultures, sizes, genders, sexual orientations, and gender expression feel included. Holding space for a supportive healing journey for our mental health including pranayama techniques, healing mudras, accessible movement and stretches, restorative poses and meditation. Designed to cultivate awareness and presence, help ease away stress & anxiety, and find embodiment. Each class gives a delicate balance of yoga from the past and present.

Monday ~ 2pm Mindful Monday Short Break

Tuesday ~ 12pm Workplace Wellness (Siemens Employees Only)

Wednesday ~ 12pm Wellness Wednesday

Thursday ~ 6pm Trauma Informed Gentle Flow for healing and mental health wellbeing

Can't join me live ? Get unlimited access to all the recordings of my weekly classes when you're a member of my Full Bloom Membership

For details of what to expect during my classes I invite you to click here 


Everyone's experience with, and reasons for coming to yoga are unique, so should be the approach to treat your body.

One to one yoga classes are a great way to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your body, all aspects of yoga and philosophy and offer a more personalised approach than group classes can offer

Each private yoga  session is customised to meet you where you are and includes discussion, centering exercises, gentle movement, breathing practices, meditation yoga philosophies, and intention setting to support healing, recovery and mental health wellness.

Available Online or In Person


I am in the midst of creating an 6 week trauma informed yoga for body awareness programme for eating disorder recovery warriors; this programme includes yoga poses to reconnect you with your body, to help build mental and physical strength, cultivating presence and awareness and a curiosity about how your body works. We use the power of affirmations, mantra and meditation, and offer grounding techniques and breathing techniques  to calm your mind and help manage depression and anxiety, encouraging you to observe yourself instead of judge yourself, redefining the relationship with yourself and your body, bringing about kindness and compassion to yourself.  

If you'd like to be notified when this becomes available I invite you to please register your interest.


The chair can add a wide range of participation to students who may have been discouraged in the past.

I aim to provide an empowering and positive experience for people who think that yoga is not for them.

This online program can help you feel better in the body you have today

Journey through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire & Air and experience the connection Yoga holds to the universe and everything around us. 

Fire, water, earth, and air are the four elements of the Universe.

They make up all that is, everything we see around us, and everything we are.

No one of them is better than the other, they each have their own unique qualities as do we. 

There are many different ways to connect with, and balance the four elements in your body and life, my favourites being spending time with the elements in their natural surroundings and yoga.

Beautiful Nature

Join me on the mat for some short practices to support your healing and mental health wellbeing.

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