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A message from a sad yoga teacher

For the first time since all this polava started I am starting to feel scared and super stressed, not of contracting the virus but of how I’m going to afford to feed my family! I guess I’m lucky in the fact that my parents are never going to see us go hungry or homeless, but others don’t have such luxury and it’s just heartbreaking !

I’ve always been independent and I don’t want to have to rely on my parents to bail me out and honestly how long could they do that for anyway! it’s not just what’s happening in the here and now, it’s how long my poor little business is going survive and if it does how long will it take to recover when all this eventually blows!

Today this has just hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’ve spent years building up my business, creating relationships with so many wonderful people, invested in further training to grow my classes into what they’ve become and now all that has come crashing down, people having to isolate themselves or just being to scared to come to a class, and having money worries of their own, the unknown of should I close, should I keep going, so much uncertainty it’s devastating.

I am trying to keep things going through the online world, but this alone is causing its own kind of stress, anxiety and dread, the pressure to get things right, be tech savvy and meet up to the massive high standards of online videos and apps that are already out there just seems impossible.

I’m working so hard to try and get this up and running to some kind of professional standard, but it’s not good enough, things are not working right and I want to run away and hide but I can’t I have to keep going

It’s such a huge competitive market out there and there are much better videos than what I can stream with my amateur equipment !

I don’t even know where to begin, how to record high resolution, high quality videos that stand out from the thousands of yoga teachers already offering wonderfully beautiful online classes.

Everyone is worried, we’re all feeling the pinch so why pay for online yoga when you can get it for free elsewhere, who’s going to want to pay for mine, the small business owner loses out again !

In an ideal world I’d live without an income and relax, take it easy, focus on my own practice, but instead I feel I have scramble around not knowing what I’m doing and join the thousands of other brilliant yoga teachers all trying to hold on to their students, their businesses that they’ve also worked hard for so they too can continue to earn a living.

The amount of hard work that goes into becoming a yoga teacher in the first place, the hours lost planning and writing classes, the blood sweat and tears created building up that little business from scratch that you grow to cherish and feel proud of just taken away from you in the blink of an eye.

I know I have spoken to some of you in person about my concerns and fears and I would like to take this time to thank you all for your kind and supportive words, I have some wonderful students who have said they are happy to pay for my services online which means the world to me and is keeping my business afloat for the time being. If like me you are struggling financially I will be uploading a few free classes and meditations as well as income shouldn’t be a barrier right now we’re pulling together to get through this !

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