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Benefits of Balasana/Child's Pose

As you probably know Balasana is reminiscent of the fetal position.

It can be a really beautiful relaxing restful posture as it provides a gentle stretch for the back muscles which is calming for both body and mind.

However it's only going to be relaxing and restful if you are comfortable in it, if you're head doesn't touch the ground and you're straining your neck, or you're ankles don't flex that way, or your knees are too compressed, you're going to be so focused on the discomfort that it will be far from a resting pose.

I thought I'd make you this video to discuss some of the mental and physical benefits of Balasana and also show you some different options you can take to position your body with props to make it so much more comfortable.

Mental Health Benefits

  • Throughout the day your neck holds up the equivalent of a 5kg bowling ball, your head, this muscular activity keeps your nervous system on slight alert, letting the muscles of your neck and head completely relax in Balasana lets your nervous system know is is safe to rest.

  • This shape helps you treat mild stress and anxiety by releasing tension through some of the major muscle groups as you stretch and lengthen the spine.

  • Generally the head is lower than the heart which is calming for the mind, releasing anxiety and fatigue.

  • The focus on the breath allows for more oxygen to circulate your body restoring energy.

  • Childs Pose can be an opportunity to rest, take deep breaths, relax tired muscles and access a primal sense of safety.

Physical Benefits