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Get the kids joining in....

Did you know I actually trained as a kids yoga teacher before I started teaching adults!

I thought it would be easier with kids being less judgemental than adults, but I soon realised as my teacher said, if you can teach kids you can teach anyone, as most adults want to b

e in your class out of choice, where as kids are usually at your classes because their parents tell them to :)

Kids really enjoy playing with yoga (so do alot of adults) and don't take it to seriously so neither should we, you've heard that saying never work with kids or animals, well baring in mind one of the important things I stress at Equine Yoga is the horses will either take part or they wont there's nothing we can do to force them to join in and the same goes for kids really, as you know I strive to get everyone to understand that there's no right and wrong when it comes to yoga, it's whatever is right for your body at that time so don't stress if they don't want to join in, don't stress if it doesn't look perfect, just let them have fun with it, you may get shapes you may not, you may get a bit of breathing done you may not, the general idea of kids yoga is an introduction to yoga, it's something that they can take into their life and when they actually develop their own interest in yoga they will remember I did that as a kid when I was pretending to be an elephant or a waterfall or a sandwich whatever ! most importantly just have fun !