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New Year, Same me !

Around this time of year there's an influx of 'new year, new me' nonsense we are surrounded by new year new me resolutions, intentions, diet culture people setting huge life changes, we start to get wrapped up in setting high even impossible expectations and then when we don’t met them feel like a failure and feel full of guilt and shame it’s so triggering and overwhelming.... or is that just me ?

It's a pet peeve of mine to be honest ! Maybe I don't want to find a new me, I've been working so hard at accepting this one! finding self acceptance and being content with who I am and where I am is consistent work and throwing this extra pressure into the mix is not a great start to the year.

Don't get me wrong I love setting intentions and do it all year long, but let's take it one step at a time.

The list of things I want to do this year is huge, so rather than overwhelming myself with things to achieve I'll break it down into achievable chunks.

Let's just figure out what to do in January for now.

As this time of year can feel harder than others, and can put a lot of pressure on us to perform perfectly, I wanted to offer you a practice that lets go of perfection, to acknowledge, we’re all different, we’re not perfect, we mess up, we make poor choices sometimes and that’s ok, making mistakes and being imperfect does not make you a failure, it makes you human, so instead of putting more pressure on yourself this time of year give yourself permission to take care of yourself, to fight the darkness you feel and add in an extra layer of self care and compassion

Allow yourself some time to release fatigue in both body and mind with this nourishing flow.

PROPS : we will be using 2 yoga blocks, that could be substituted with books, pots, pans, folded blankets, anything that raises the level of the ground up towards the hands.