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Suffering from tech neck.....

So not only are we struggling with a really stressful time at the moment, which will be creating alot of stress and tension in the neck and shoulders, we're sitting more and stuck hunched over our technology !

On one hand thank goodness for technology, it's enabling us to work from home and stay in contact with our families, but on the other hand it's wreaking havoc on our bodies !

An adult head weighs around 10-12lbs when it's correctly alligned, but when we look down the weight follows our line of gaze, so when compiled with the force of gravity tilting the head forward by just 15% increases the weight of the head to 27lb, I know that's a lot right, so imagine tilting the head 45% to look at your phone or laptop, the head now weights 49lb ! the more the head weights the more strain it's putting on the surrounding muscles !

Your head angles forward putting strain on the upper back causing the shoulders and thoracic spine to round forward.

All this coupled with the additional stress and tension of these uncertain times will be causing you a right pain in the neck! yes.....?

Yoga practice can help prevent and relieve neck pain, the combination of gentle stretches and strengthening movements can open up tight muscles in the body, increasing neck flexibility and rebalancing postural muscles. Simple and slow movements will lubricate the neck and increase its range of movement.

While it's important to strengthen and stretch the neck muscles in order to help prevent neck injury, if you already have a neck concern it's best not to aggravate it. Poses that are most strenuous for the neck are the ones that bear the majority of the body's weight on the head or neck.