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Looking to cultivate a calm, trauma informed yoga practice, and need a more personalised approach than drop in classes offer? Private yoga classes are the perfect solution and will be tailored to your individual needs.

Each session is customised to meet you where you are, through trauma sensitive practice you will be guided to explore your body on your own terms, exactly as it is in an inclusive accessible and integrative approach that includes centering exercises, discussion, gentle movement, breathing practices, yoga philosophies, and goal setting to foster healing, finding safety and freedom within to provide a foundation for trauma healing, eating disorder recovery and mental health clarity.

Yoga can be a wonderful complement to your work with a therapist, dietician, and other care providers.


If the cost of private yoga is not within your budget, please contact me to discuss sliding scale fees. I am happy to work with you to find an arrangement that is achievable for us both


Please make contact with prior to purchase to arrange a free contact call to discuss and arrange your appointment. 

Private Yoga Classes