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Be Gentle with your healing - start over as many times as you need to ~ Alex Elle

About me

Yoga for healing negative body image after emotional abuse
My Yoga journey began when I was initially advised to do yoga to complement my healing from a serious eating disorder and exercise addiction. At first I was not a fan at all! I didn't enjoy yoga, it was just a way for me to keep exercising in that moment, in the hopes it would change the way my body looked on the outside and I stayed very fixated on the external. I could never stay for savasana or do any kind of meditation through my own fear of stillness, that's when the flashbacks and anxiety of what I was trying to escape from would really appear, I just didn't feel comfortable in the conventional, judgemental yoga communities, I was so lost and disconnected from my own body it all felt really overwhelming, so I took to practising at home, back in the day yoga was not as popular as it is now, I had a video from Barbara Currie and some old books I found in the library, but I continued to practice. For me, yoga was this sneaky practice in that it kept me coming back to my mat day after day although I was focused on the external initially I practiced every day and started to find a deeper connection to myself and the yogic lifestyle. After a long time and many yoga related injuries from reckless goal orientated practice, I found that I was starting to learn things about my body I never thought possible! I became fascinated with anatomy, how the body works and the biomechanics of movement that started to heal my body and mind, it started to help me notice how strong I was becoming and gave me less desire to be angry at my body, so I keep practicing.
My mental health journey is a tough one, as a survivor of sexual assault, emotional abuse, PTSD, depression, anxiety and eating disorders, I have an embodied understanding of the therapeutic role that  yoga and mindfulness can play in recovery and I truly believes in the healing power of asana, pranayama and meditation.
During dark times yoga gave me strength to keep going, the time on my mat helped me find peace and harmony in my chaotic life, and gave me the strength to keep going.

Moving through periods of being lost, angry, ashamed, depressed, yoga helped me to recognise that I am more than my thoughts, to reflect on what was coming up accept it and continue to heal, grow and transform.

I still experience darkness, down days, and anxiety but Yoga has been the greatest gift that provides me the tools I need to pick myself up and carry on and continue healing ~ Healing is not linear, It's a process.

A huge part of my life is dedicated to my family and you will see me post about them on my socials, especially my dog Delilah and my cats Shiloh, Zen and our beloved Ink who is no longer with us.
Being a wife and a mother I know the challenges and barriers there are when it comes to starting and maintaining a home practice like everything in life it's a journey.
Supporting my husband through depression and having 2 children living with autism, partial deafness, bpd, general anxiety disorder and severe hypermobility and being extremely sensitive souls, has bought us all so much closer together.  I became a self-professed bookworm and student for life, committed to self study and expanding my knowledge on topics which fascinate me the most and help my family: yoga, anatomy, mindfulness practices, neurodiversity, trauma healing, mental health, eating disorders, body image, and empowerment supporting us all on the next steps of our journey together. 

Currently my yoga practice is a mixed bag, which I love because I practice what I need in the present moment, whether I practice Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa my self practice is always mindful as this is where my passion lies.

I discovered within the practice a deep level of self-reflection and healing.  Coming to this work through a personal experience, I teach from the heart and am extremely passionate about yoga and its ability to support you in your healing and beyond. My teaching style is infused with elements from my anatomy training background, personal experiences and passion for yoga as healing, incorporating mental health informed movement exploration, and experiencing sensations and grounding to destress.

I have a love of teaching and helping real people practice in their unique body's and begin to understand the movements of their body's, find a deeper sense of awareness and connection to the present moment and to move in a way that allows them to build a trust and understanding in themselves each time they step on the mat enabling development of an independent self practice to nourish your mental health, wellbeing and self care.

Check out my instagram to keep up to date on what my practice looks like and to find tips and tricks to keep you motivated amongst the reality of your busy life.

It became my passion to share how yoga can work as a healing modality for stress, trauma and mental health for real people

A firm believer in the necessity of equality, diversity and accessible support I am committed to creating a supportive space for others to share their practice free from fear of judgment and offer skills to compliment with traditional forms of treatment through a mental health informed online wellness focus program.


I decided to set up a facebook group without any intentions other than to use it as a tool to create a community to give you the support you need to create your self practice and offer a safe place you to ask questions and to share my own mental health journey and how yoga helps me so I can encourage you to embrace your authentic self and practice your own real yoga.

Check out the Your Yoga Self Practice community to see more. 

Guided by my personal and professional experiences, I am dedicated to empowering others with tools and practices to feel at home in their own bodies, to help you regain strength and self worth, feel better in your body, cope with big emotions, be present and get more comfortable in your own skin.

We can all embrace the power of Yoga, move safely, create more space in the body and mind, feel good and empowered in our practice and in life.

Yoga for healing after emotional abuse
Yoga for emotional abuse healing
Yoga for emotional abuse recovery

As well as teaching and working in the yoga industry for nearly 10 years, I also have an office job, I spent many years growing my career as a PA and I am excited to spend many more years continuing along this path encountering new challenges along the way.

I don't share too much about my work life but I do want to share about how it is possible to have a big job and a passion for yoga at the same time and how they can serve each other to manage physical and mental health conditions, regular yoga helps reduces stress, improves focus and improves energy.

I have vast experience in teaching group classes and private one to one sessions both online and in person, I have created  bespoke yoga practices for many corporate companies, at special needs day centres and schools, and taught chair based yoga for desk workers, the elderly and disabled, trauma sensitive practices for those in eating disorder recovery as well as teaching in various gyms, companies and community centres throughout Surrey, Heathrow and London. 

I am also a certified Chromatic Mentor as part of Matt Giordano's mentoring team, providing mentorship to yoga teachers in training and recently qualified teachers to help support their individual growth and our collective growth as a community.

I began teaching in 2012, I've worked with clients for many years to create bespoke yoga practices to meet individual needs and I shall continue to develop my own knowledge and teaching skills so I can share my passion of yoga and philosophy with others and bring peace and harmony to our lives and continue to strive towards my passion of allowing all students whatever their background to have access to yoga.  It's my mission to empower other stressed out, busy, anxious, depressed and traumatised souls to develop a personal practice in a way that is unique to you so you can embrace your authentic self, feel less stressed and more calm and centred and live compassionately so you can pursue the kind of meaningful life deep down you know you are meant to.

I went into my first teacher training with zero expectations of actually teaching yoga, but what I came away with deeply inspired me and I continued to learn and grow and pay it forward to others as and when I can.

I received my 500-hour yoga teacher training through Chromatic Yoga with Matt Giordano, someone who deeply inspired me with his knowledge, I knew this training was right for me and left the training with not only skills including advanced anatomy, sequencing, philosophy, meditation and pranayama, but also a deeper knowledge and understanding for myself where I knew I wanted to learn more about the healing and mental health benefits of Yoga, therefore, I am also a trained Trauma  Informed Yoga Teacher, attending training on trauma-sensitive yoga instruction from Transcending Sexual Trauma through Yoga with Zabie Yamasaki, TCYM-T Trauma Conscious Yoga Method Teacher with Nityda Gessel, Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness with David Treleaven, Trauma Sensitive Yoga in Eating Disorder Recovery with Jennifer Kreatsoulas & Gina Hartman from Yoga for Eating Disorders, Yoga for Eating disorders through eat breath thrive's Chelsea Roff as well as Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman & Amber Karnes, Yin Yoga for Mental Health with Self Agency Academy, Mental Health Aware Yoga with Dr Lauren Tober and is currently training in Advanced Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness. 

In addition to my wonderful teachers my special thanks go to Lenok Popov my mentor and friend I couldn't have done this without you.

And to my wonderful husband for supporting me through this storm and never giving up on me and my dreams.

While I have no plans to teach full time, I am so grateful to have such vast experience of teaching regular classes and my own workshops and creating an online platform to share ways to feel better and reduce stress in the body and mind.

Keep an eye on my blog for all the latest, and please feel free to reach out and contact me any time and to make any enquiries.

'a good teacher is one who always remains a student'

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