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Sliding Scale Pricing 

This sliding scale pricing scheme represents the idea that financial resources should not be the only determining factor in whether or not someone can access the services on offer.

A sustainable yoga practice offers exploration and paths to healing and wellness. My hope is that through a sliding scale pricing, those who value the teachings and cannot access them without financial burden will not need to absent themselves and you can self select based on what is affordable.

Please take a moment to consider the intention of this sliding scale pricing structure, which was created in order to amplify training access for those who hold marginalized identities and those experiencing significant financial hardship. If neither of those qualifications apply to you, we ask you to please consider other payment options, including requesting payment plans, or supporting others in our community who have decreased access to financial resources by enrolling at cost or as a Supporter, if this is accessible to you.

For a sliding scale pricing scheme to work it relies on the principles of truthfulness (satya), not taking what is not freely given (asteya), and generousity (aparigraha). I trust you to be honest, and there are sliding scale prices available for all of the services I offer.

If you think you qualify for sliding scale pricing please contact me with the course you are interested in and I will send the sliding scale pricing, if the Lower bracket is still more than you can afford without undue burden, please contact me so we can work it out together.

Supporter Rate / Upper end of sliding scale

People paying at a higher level will be helping enable community members who are experiencing financial difficulties an opportunity to participate at a lower rate.. 


Sustainer Rate / Middle Rate

This is the base cost of this course or training, the price that would be charged  to all students in the absence of the tiered scheme. 


Community Rate / Lower end of sliding scale

The Lower rate represents an honest acknowledgment by the teacher and practitioner that there are those whose economic circumstances would prevent them from taking part in the programmes offered if there was not a deliberate opportunity made for them to access services at a cost reflective of their economic realities. If you struggle financially, this program acknowledges that you should still have access to these teachings and that your contribution is equal to those of higher income brackets.

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