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Mantra : I have the tools necessary to stay grounded and stable amidst the chaos around me

Wellness Yoga

Every body deserves access to the practice!

It's a passion of mine to create an all inclusive practice with a focus on wellness.

We may focus on a specific theme or chakra, body part or action.

This integrated experience creates a powerful feeling of equality and cohesion in the groups rather than a hierarchy of advanced or beginner students.

When we have alot of healing to do the Yoga for Healing classes are the best place to start, and these classes will be here for you when your in a more peaceful place and I'll be delighted to welcome you here.

Still brimming with mindful cues and well structured intentional sequencing these classes are very anatomical, I teach flexibility through strength paying particular attention to  anatomy, how a particular muscle engagement feels or the rotation of a particular bone, to learn more about the body, how it works, what it's capable of and connection to awareness.

{Trigger Warning : These classes, although tramua conscious, do refer to specific  body parts due to the anatomical basis which some students may find triggering}

You're encouraged to listen to body throughout the practice, to look at every pose as a way to make a choice ~ "what works for my body, what works right now in the present moment"

Be mindful that all bodies are different, take the femur bone for example, this large thigh bone comes in different lengths and shapes, the greater trochanter (the head of the femur bone) can be smooth which makes for a nice gliding at the ball socket joint or it can be jagged making it much harder to externally rotate the thigh bone at the hip.

What works for one person might physically just not work in another body, I invite you not to look at others, come into your own body, notice what's happening and what is right for your own body, you're not going to get any closer to enlightenment just because you can get into pigeon pose.

I have a huge love of props, the wall, a chair, blocks (or books), blankets, pillows, straps (or a belt),  changing the orientation of the pose, dissecting poses into parts, there can be huge benefit from practising on a chair even from bed.

Breath is like talking to the nervous system, we sink into sensations of the breath, bringing us back to the present moment.

We ground into sensation, sensations of the body, the feet in the ground, the sensation of the muscle engaging or stretching, coming back over and over again to notice specific parts of the body.

Including deep relaxation and meditation into the practice creates a true sense of balance.

Finding balance throughout the class, brings about the ability to self regulate.

Through routine observation of these natural forces within us we begin to build something that is referred to as decrement – knowing what is appropriate for our well being. 

Services offered :
Wellness Yoga Platform - Access to my online offerings for a small monthly subscription
Group classes
Private classes 
Self care wellbeing workshops for staff
Yoga retreats
Classes can be taught on site at businesses, colleges, university, or agency survivor centers.
Consultations on the implementation of a wellbeing yoga program with support networks
4-8 week comprehensive wellbeing yoga program

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